All Sentient Beings

With the abandoning of “beloved” pets becoming a major concern, we are currently working overtime to decrease the number of animals without homes. Through counseling and education, advocacy and activism, and rescue and placement, we are saving as many lives as possible, one paw at a time. For the past two decades, many wonderful, caring people have received their beloved pets through our rescue efforts. We hope that by sharing our mission, background, and hopes for the future with you, our public, we can continue our outreach work as an information clearinghouse. Do share our story about our work with as many people as you can and do consider fostering an animal to help save a life!

Jethro Is a Fighter – But He Needs Your Help to Keep Going



This is our Facebook “cover boy” Jethro. He’s been in ICU for days after suffering multiple seizures. He should be coming home soon and we are optimistic that he will do well on anti-seizure meds. Please share and help if you can.  We’ve set up a YouCaring page for him here:  We will post updates on his progress there, on FaceBook and here.


Many thanks for spreading the word.