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Beautiful Camilla

UPDATE: Camilla is adopted! :)





This is Camilla, the beautiful spayed, healthy 4 year old that we Pulled from Death Row a few weeks ago. She still has no home and is getting fed-up being in a cage.
We are desperate for a loving home for her and our other young adult, long-haired cats. Please let us know if you can help!!

Thank you.

All Sentient Beings, Inc.
888 717 7474

Happy Tails: Harvey

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Harvey was dumped at one of our vets. We offered to help the veterinarian in rehoming him and planned to show him at the Best Friends Adoption Event, but a potential adopter, Gina, who lives out on Long Island inquired after spotting him on the All Paws site. Gina had to have her cat put to sleep last February and is still devastated over the loss. He was also a rescue. She had an interest in adopting an older cat so Harvey fit the bill. He is about 13 years old and is a great, big Persian. Gina went to visit Harvey on two Saturdays. The rest is a love story.

Gina says “He follows me around and seems to really love one of my chihuahuas. I have four other furry family members. He fits right in just perfectly. He now has a forever home with me and I will make sure that he lives a happy life. He has already brought great joy into my life.”

Super Adoption Event Continues All Weekend

Here are some photos from today’s event:


Toons shows her best side as she waits for her forever home



Mystery surveys the crowd from her perch.

Come say hello to these sweet girls and the other pets that are up for adoption at this event. We will be here all weekend:

Best Friends Super Adoption Event this weekend in New York

The Altman Building
135 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

Friday, 4-8pm
Saturday, 11am-7pm
Sunday, 11am-7pm


A Plea for Julius


A few months ago we rescued Julius from a high kill shelter in NY. We were told he was healthy – however after picking him up we noticed that he was ill. After phone calls we were lucky to find a kind vet that was willing to care for Julius at cost price. Julius needed to have a feeding tube and other expensive procedures. Now he’s healthy and ready for his forever home. And we need to pay the vet bill.

He’s an adorable boy with a strong personality. He needs some socializing, a lot of time and patience but is quite the character and will make a great pet for someone who understands how to work with him.

Please donate – any amount would help – and share with your friends.

Thank you,

Happy Tail: Amber finds her Fur-ever Home


Amber is a very lucky kitty.  A kind “Posting Lady” (someone who posts pleas for rescue animals, online) found her in her Astoria, NY neighborhood and realized she was a friendly, good kitty who just needed to find a home.

She fed her, asked around for help and ASB came to her assistance. We paid for the vetting once Amber was trapped, which wasn’t too hard at all, being a hungry kitty who recognized a kind person. Then ASB found an equally kind and generous person way up in Boston who thought she could find her a home amongst her potential adopters up there.

We got the kitty a ride to Boston and next thing we knew, she had a home.

What a lucky cat: everything came together for her in ways it rarely does!

Socializing a Shy Cat

Catster has a very helpful article with tips on socializing a shy cat:

Have you had this experience? You’re thrilled about your new cat, and you’re anxious to give her the loving forever-home and warm lap you know she’s been yearning for. But as soon as you open the carrier, she flees. For days, you see no sign of her, except maybe some food missing from the dish or some pee in the litter box. Or maybe you start looking under furniture and, in the farthest, darkest corner under your sofa, you see a pair of terrified golden-green eyes staring at you.


Read the rest here:


Check out our current adoptable pets list here:

Tiny Tim

 Tiny Tim …. looking for his furever home.

The brilliant plan to promote recycling and feed stray animals

Imagine inventng a machine that encourages people to recycle and help stray animals at the same time:

“So far, the machines have been a hit with residents. People who would normally toss bottles in a trash can might wait to carry the plastic a bit longer to dispose of it in the recycling bin now that they know they can assist animals. w that they know they can assist animals. It’s a win-win scenario ….

Read more here


Lil’ Tommie

Tom, a 4 week old kitten who was terrified and in really bad shape. Photo #1 is his official portrait – October, 2013.



Day #1 – Lil Tomme was delivered; he is shaking, falling over, seems very weak! He cannot eat on his own, I am using a syringe with A-D mixed with KMR powder.  No wonder he’s so thin – he couldn’t eat the food that was just placed in front of him at the “shelter” because he seems a bit spastic. However, his purr machine works really well after I feed him.

Day #5  – Lil Tommie tries to play.  I have introduced him to the other cats, and he is even getting to know Cookie (dog) and very interested in everyone. Many cats groom him – you can tell that he loves it; Lil Tommie loves purry cats, he waddles right up to them and cuddles up. He looks great today – photo #2 – a lot better today!

Day # 9 – Lil Tommy is becoming very, very playful, and because of it, I noticed that he’s not quite well developed for his age, plays like a 3-week old kitten, very uncoordinated – I hope it’s not a neurological problem. Maybe it’s because he was so malnourished – will give him a few more days to rest up and get his strength, then get him checked out. He does function quite well, eats, drinks (dunks his nose into the bowl over and over), uses litter box successfully, which is the most important!

8 months later – Tommie was a BIG boy when he was neutered two months ago (May28)!  Photo #3 -You should see Lil Tommie now – he is the most beautiful, affectionate, loving sweet baby – at least, he thinks he’s a baby! Everyone treats him like a “baby”,  Zelda (our first death-row rescue, became his mommie; she grooms him to this day, he pushes his head toward her, and off she goes. Rhys was his daddy, they always slept together in their round little bed, now he’s more of an uncle – but everyone takes care of him now. CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) was not diagnosed at the kill-shelter – they thought that this teeny, ratty-looking baby was just weak.  Lil Tommie lifts his feet up high when he walks slowly; when he tries to run, he lifts them even higher – he looks almost like a horse! We planned on finding him a good home, but after serious consideration, we decided that in his condition, he was better off in this good home and with all the cats who already love him!